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Senior Executive/ Deputy/ Manager – Tenant Relations

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Real Estate & Infrastructure

Janet Tan

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3 March 2021

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Janet Tan

Senior Consultant

Licence Number:  R1104487

Job Description

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Tenant Relationship Management (Mall-centric)

  • Establish & maintain good relationship with Tenants in the mall and be their key liaison for mall-centric leasing matters, issues and concerns

  • Facilitate Tenants’ collaboration with mall’s Marcom team on sales-driven activities so as to boost Tenants' sales and sustainability

  • Support CM/GM to ensure that issues pertaining to Tenants' units are resolved (e.g. Tenancy Design issues, Operations/Marcoms matters)

  • Liaise with tenants on complaints, operational feedback and leasing matters (mall-specific)

  • Manage and update to CM/GM on all reported tenant issues

  • Enquiries/ Leads - Keeping records of interest from call-ins and emails and redirect interest to Central Leasing for follow up

  • Support the Central Leasing team in terms of lease management and administration

  • Ensure tenants adhere to the lease terms

  • Follow up from the signing of lease term to the opening of the store.

  • Ensure property tax levied is in line with committed rentals


  • Monitor and analyze the monthly sales performance of mall’s tenants

  • Prepare and submit Leasing reports on monthly basis (part of ACG, variance report)

  • Provide management, malls and other departments with relevant leasing reports when required

  • Assist CM/GM on yearly budgeting, forecast with respect to income arising from Leasing activities


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