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Head of Operations (Retail Trade)

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Real Estate & Infrastructure


Jiang Wenyu

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25 November 2020

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Jiang Wenyu

Senior Consultant

Licence Number: R1332558

Job Description

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This position directs and oversees retail store operations and the operations team. Implements policies and procedures that increase operational effectiveness and maximize long-term store performance. Designs strategies to increase profits and makes recommendations for operational improvement. Report directly to CEO.

  • Oversee the convenience store operations for several locations nationwide.

  • Track, manage, and discuss store performance identifying areas for improvement a developing innovative new ideas to boost sales and performance.

  • Manage, coach, and develop store team members ensuring they are meeting performance expectations and delivering world class customer service.

  • Create, communicate, and enforce the merchandising, cleanliness, schematics, and customer service standards for all locations.

  • Determine and set overall company, and individual store, margin goals; work with managers to increase sales volume and maximize profitability.

  • Periodically meet with vendors to discuss sales trends, product selection, pricing, and merchandising schematics. Negotiate favorable agreements/contracts with vendors to maximize margins, maintain competitive retail pricing, and provide an excellent and unique product selection for customers.

  • Oversee store appearance ensuring equipment is properly maintained, damaged items are under repair/replacement, and facility is clean and inviting.

  • Review/manage overall store performance including cost inventory, operational expenses, and inventory loss.

  • Review processing schedules or production orders to make decisions concerning inventory requirements, staffing requirements, work procedures, or duty assignments, considering budgetary limitations and time constraints.

  • Direct or coordinate production, processing, distribution, or marketing activities of industrial organizations.

  • Develop or implement production tracking or quality control systems, analyzing production, quality control, maintenance, or other operational reports to detect production problems.

  • Review operations and confer with technical or administrative staff to resolve operations problems.

  • Hire, train, evaluate, or discharge staff or resolve personnel grievances.

  • Develop budgets or approve expenditures for supplies, materials, or human resources, ensuring that materials, labor, or equipment are used efficiently to meet targets.

  • Initiate or coordinate inventory or cost control programs.

  • Coordinate or recommend procedures for facility or equipment maintenance or modification, including the replacement of machines.

  • Review plans and confer with research or support staff to develop new products or processes.

  • Institute employee suggestion or involvement programs.

  • Maintain current knowledge of the quality control field, relying on current literature pertaining to materials use, technological advances, or statistical studies.

  • Negotiate products prices with suppliers.

  • Additional duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (M.A. M.S. M.B.A.) from accredited institution

  • Seven to ten-plus years of experience (work and advanced education) in retail stores.

  • Deep knowledge of the managed sub-function and solid knowledge of the overall departmental function.

Preferred Skills

  • Experience providing oversight for multiple site locations. Convenience store management experience is a must.

  • Outstanding communication skills; able to effectively communicate with management, associates, and vendors.

  • Strong work ethic and a commitment to taking on the organization’s high expectations of performance.

  • Willingness to work the required hours including weekends, holidays, nights, etc. as needed.

  • Driver’s license and clean driving record.

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