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Cost Audit Manager (Cambodia)

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Real Estate & Infrastructure


Eddy Chee

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23 November 2020

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Eddy Chee

Principal Consultant

Licence Number: R1218151

Job Description

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Job description:

  1. Auditing if the bidding and procurement process (including qualification examination, supplier list, invitation list for bids, Issuance of tender documents, Q&A and clarification; bids evaluation and calibration) conforms to the established bidding management measures;

  2. Auditing the contract if its content meets the requirements of the bidding documents;

  3. Inspection and supervision of contract performance;

  4. Auditing accuracy and rationality of the bidding quantity list and preparation of base bid price;

  5. Auditing the rationality of the price evaluation changes/final approval documents during the construction of development project;

  6. Auditing the rationality of payment process and cost;

  7.  Reviewing the rationality of the completion settlement process and data of development projects;

  8. Auditing the completion settlement documents of development projects and issue final audit reports;

  9. Preparing project development and construction cost review and audit working plans, and organizing the implementation;

  10. Other auditing work assigned by Top Management Team.


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in Engineer, Cost Engineering or related field;

  • Hold first class Cost Engineer Certificate;

  • 10 or more years of working management experience for manager role, 5 years for executive role

  • Experience in the whole process of Real Estate development project cost management, strong Real Estate cost management skills;

  • Experience in bidding and purchasing contract management; solid understanding of bidding and purchasing process of Real Estate development projects, relevant laws and regulations, etc.;

  • Strong presenting, organizing and coordinating, verbal communicating and leadership skills;

  • Excellent computer literacy and knowledge of office software and the ability to use CAD, pricing software and measurement software

  • Experience as project manager of whole process cost tracking / controlling or contract manager of well-known real estate company in cost consulting unit.

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