The Global Search Partners Brand

Versatility through Experience, Execution with a Global Reach.

Who We Are

Global Search Partners (GSP) is a top-tier executive search team with decades of industry experience and contacts spanning multiple fields all over the globe. What makes us unique is not just the tools we have on hand. It’s how we put our tools to use.

At GSP, our expertise is in exposing limitations as untapped strengths. We facilitate, professionally and discretely, new business relationships. Relationships with the power to make an impact on the global stage.

We are hands-on within any given industry. This expertise is utilized in an integrated, information-sharing and honest approach. The result is more informed creative thinking and the exploration of all avenues in seeking out the best search and placement solutions.

Our Vision

A place where successful individual can take control of their time to achieve quality of life.

Our Mission

To inspire self-motivated individual to develop their career in executive search with us.

Our Core Values

We believe that people are the key to success, and our business philosophy is built around personal relationships, both in-house and with each one of our clients and candidates. There are no faceless projects at Global Search Partners. We foster reciprocal partnerships with an attentive, balanced, and creative case-by-case approach. This is reflected in our Core Values, or, CASE.


Our team thrives on a challenge, and shares an unflappable attitude in the face of problems requiring innovative solutions. We enjoy asking questions!


Effective, efficient, and expedient in producing impactful results for our clients and candidates.

Steadfast Service

We are here to support our clients and candidates, and work tirelessly to bring exacting and satisfying results for them.


Balance is key to any healthy professional environment. We promote lifestyles for our team that fosters professional vigor and personal happiness.